Property Management

Looking for a management company that is reliable, dependable, and will get the job done? Look no further!

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·         Leasing/Securing tenant by obtaining: Employment Verification*, Reference Checks*, Credit Reports*

·         Rent collection/Late notices/Evictions/Lease renewal notices

·         Keeping owners informed of current rental rates

·         Accounting Services, including Monthly statements with owner disbursements,* Semi-annual and year-end statements for taxes*, Establish management and security deposit accounts*, and also available: Pay mortgage/expenses/Homeowners Association/condo fees from the account (if instructed by owner)

·         Monies collected from tenants are generally deposited within 48 hours and disbursed to owners immediately

·         Arrange and monitor repairs/maintenance and improvements including - carpet cleaning, painting, automatic name change arrangements for BGE, water, and trash collection

·         Move-in/move-out inspections

·         Specializing in working with military folks relocating in or out of the area or country (Local APG and Edgewood Arsenal) – Housing Referral Office

·         Property Manager is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for emergency services


·         Management fee = 10% of one month’s rent (beginning 2nd month) – minimum fee $75.00

·         Lease commission for the first Tenant = one month’s rent

·         Lease commission for future Tenants = 6% of the annual rent (equals 72% of one month’s rent)

·         Owner to maintain $300.00 balance in Management account for small repairs